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Changes for WoD - Monday, 18 February 2002 6:12PM CDT

There is a slight change going on at WoD. We have decided to change our focus from making a game, to making a game platform. We feel since we are going through the process to have a fully dynamic scripting system for the game(AI, widgets, user settings, etc.) that we were making, that it would then be better if that was our focus. We will still be making a game in the end to show off the the new game platform, but the priority will be to make the actual platform to be of more quality.


Version 0.31 - Monday, 18 February 2002 1:44PM CDT

Well it is time for yet another release. This release is the first stable release in a while and has many bug fixes and should run pretty smooth. I also fixed the windows binaries so you don't need the windows DLLs like before. Enjoy!


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