+J.R. Wessels (Admin)
+Jordan Wilberding (Admin)
+James Duchesneau
+Cindy Chestek
+Phillip Martin
+Raoul Marais
+Chase Wessels

Wars of Destiny is a real-time stratedy game that was started by J.R. Wessels and Jordan Wilberding. It is currently in a major building stage but looks to be a great game coming. If you are interested in helping we sure could use it! Any help in coding, graphics, animation, or audio would be greatly helpful. Also if you would like to contribute anything else it would be surely accepted. As WOD grows through its development please come back to see the improvements and we hope you enjoy the game once it is completed.

+WOD is an open source project hosted by Source Forge under the GPL license
+Compiles and runs on both Linux and Windows(32-bit)
+Uses SDL-1.2.0 for graphics engine
+Sound support for WAV, MP3, and OGG!

Features Of Game(to come):
+Fully integrated TCP/IP network support so you can play your friends from abroad
+IPX network support for finding local games on your LAN
+Support for MPEG video to really add to the realism of the game
+A map creator for creating your own maps in WOD
+Characters react to certain environments, example: if a character is walking in tundra he will have a harder time instead if he were walking on open grass
+An easy to use interface to configure WOD exactly to how you want
+A 3D Version :)

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Contacting Us:
+Either post it on the FORUM or email us at