Current development projects:

Jordan Wilberding

-Implementing widget system
-Working on the menu of WOD
-Networking code
-Compression algorithm

J.R. Wessels

-WOD++ interpreter
-RB hash code
-Game engine
-General documentation

Raoul Marais

-No projects submitted

Cindy Chestek

-Game AI

James Duchesneau

-Game Music

Phillip Martin

-No projects submitted

Roadmap for where WoD is going:

Game engine - Complete scripting system
Widget system - Finish implementing sub-system architechure
Game engine - Objects in x-y list to cut on search times
Entertainment - Storyline
Documentation - document map, theme map files

Game objects - five more music pieces
Documentation - Document the new AI/Object structure
Documentation - Show how to use and implement the new WOD++ standard
Settings - In game menu access to game settings
Log - Cleanup log code
Log - Make sure all functions are using new standards that are appropiate
Log - Make a wider range of logging levels
Network - Code to send JR's new object structure

Network - Compression algorithm and implementation
Network - Add dialog in game for connecting to other servers (remove hard coding)
Documentation - Show how to use and create widgets
MPEG - Implement standard MPEG playback ability
Game Objects - AI for all final game objects
Game Objects - Graphics for all items at neccessary angles
Settings - Add extra settings for controlling all aspects of the game

Settings - Completely convert the settings to the new widget/WOD++ system
Main Menu - Have the menu use widget system
Map Editor - beginnings of map edit - tile placement
Map Editor - object placement
Game Engine - support for playing MPEGs
Game Objects - complete sound implementation
Network - IPX support
MPEG - implement DivX codecs

Entertainment - cutscenes in mpeg movies or in game action scenes
Network - cheat detection
Game Engine - computer ai can control some of players
Network - central game server
Entertainment - +single player computer ai

Network - streaming of games
Documentation - end user docs for playing the game
Map Editor - completed with error checking
Widgets - create new widgets as needed
Development Team - get shit faced and release the game.

Jordan/JR - kicks JR's/Jordan's arse in the first ever network game of WoD :)